As Seen in Forbes: Discover Horus & Athena

Featured in Forbes and AR Insider, Horus & Athena is not just a zine—it's your gateway to Neotorus. Created by filmmaker, Ellenor, this publication isn't just eye-candy; it's an immersive universe featuring high-speed races, fashion-forward tribes, and clandestine underworlds. Ellenor's film trailer for this realm, "Echoes of Sand and Stone," garnered a staggering 12k views within just 24 hours of its Reddit debut!

Horus & Athena Zine!

Who's Behind the Magic?

Ellenor Argyropoulos, a writer, director, and producer, has spent 2023 mastering generative AI to craft this universe. Passionate and innovative, she combines different creative tools to bring Neotorus to life.

Not Just a Reader—Become a Creator!

Why just explore when you can also create? Each issue comes loaded with Ellenor's exclusive world-building tips. Learn how to infuse your own projects with realism and depth, courtesy of her masterclass-in-a-zine.


As seen in Forbes: Echoes of Sand And Stone Teaser Trailer

Sneak Peak into Trailer v2